|*|Purple Line|*| [COLLAB with BlackbuckTwilightify]

|*|Purple Line|*| [COLLAB with BlackbuckTwilightify]

720p HD pretty please 🙂

Another collab with BlackbuckTwilightify!! I swear, is there anything this girl can’t do??


This song was just stuck in my head, so I asked Carly if she wanted to do a collab to it. I was so excited when she replied back yes. And now here is our finished work. I hope you enjoy the video. Please don’t badger us on the translations, for there are many. But all of them end up with the same picture here.

TVXQ’s music will forever be charished in our hearts and through our videos. This is for all you true Cassies our there!!

Cassiopeia forever!! 🙂
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